About Us

about lotus

Many disadvantaged families in Africa are left incapacitated to improve or advance their economic and social status because of inadequate access to education and vocational opportunities. This has led to widespread and alarming rates of poverty and income inequalities in families at grassroot level and this may transcend to generations yet born.

The Lotus Initiative was born out of an identified need for collaboration and community in grassroot localities in Africa to help alleviate the plight of low income earning families.

There is a popular African saying that ‘it takes a community to raise a child’…..
We believe we are responsible for each other.


We are passionate about securing the basic rights and privileges of the people we work with and for. We seek to leverage on collaboration to tackle social issues related to disadvantaged children and widowed women in grassroot communities.


Our Vision is to strengthen families in disadvantaged communities so that they can achieve their greatest potential in life.


We aim to do this by enhancing the quality of life of vulnerable children and women from disadvantaged backgrounds through improved access to education, better social welfare opportunities with the view of alleviating poverty in the grass root communities.


Passion, Integrity, Collaboration, Dignity and Respect.