Children Services


  1. The Lotus Scholar: These are the children on our scholarship scheme who are from low income families that cannot afford education.


A. Educational Support

  1. The Lotus Scholar:

The Lotus Scholar award was established through the generosity of The Lotus Initiative and its sponsorship partners, it has been designed to provide access to better educational opportunities to recipients from low income families and to ensure that formal learning opportunities of our recipients are not shortened because of their underprivileged economic backgrounds.

B. Education Aid

  • Payment for school uniforms/shoes, and customized school materials like bags, books, pens etc
  • Academic & career counselling and mentoring  for children in our target audience

C. Health and well being support for children:

  1. We partner with healthcare providers to give talks related to children’s health and well being
  2. We target United Nations days that addresses illness/diseases affecting children
  3. We support local communities in need with health related resources/materials that will promote good health among children

D. Program for Children with Learning or Physical Disabilities

  1. We provide support our target clients with aid items i.e Giving out of brails (for the visually impaired), walking & hearing aids and other educational materials
  2. We provide special education to the Children and enlightenment to the parents on ways to help them grow well